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Opportunities to volunteer for your church and receive mentor training

Churches in New London County offering servant ministry to represent the love of Christ[i] 

  • mentor a student failing in school

Through LifeFAQs, pastors recommend Christians they back with 100% confidence to volunteer as mentors in New London High School. The School’s Guidance Department refers about 45 students failing two or more classes who could improve their scores with encouragement by mentors. Mentors are desired three hours once a week during the school year. Recommended volunteers receive indoctrination by, sponsor of the ministry.

Volunteers can also mentor students at Teacher’s Memorial School in Norwich, a middle school, by making a two-hour minimum commitment on Wednesdays to spend 15 minutes per student. 

See or call Kate McClain at CT CityServe at 860-271-6698. 

  • mentor someone unemployed

Mentor an adult who is unemployed or underemployed to know the Lord better, become successful in a job and have a church connection, perhaps yours.

Mentors meet as teams with pastors in Work&Learn classes Tuesday nights in New London or Thursday nights in Norwich in August to November 2015.

Mentors spend two hours in class plus perhaps another hour a week in telephone or personal contact encouraging an unemployed person to take the steps they develop in class to meet their objectives.   

In class, a different pastor each week teaches one of the Biblical values employers seek when they hire someone new, some mentors lead small group discussion using the Course Workbook, and volunteer career specialists teach career soft skills to get a job and succeed in the job.

The classes are free-of-charge and meet in Huntington St. Baptist Church in New London and Cornerstone City Church in Norwich.

New mentors are encouraged to take the course itself to get on-the-job experience as a mentor. Many mentors say they learn as much as participants.

To explore this opportunity and receive an invitation to the mentor indoctrination and planning breakfast call 860-501-9675 (24 hour), email or go to

  • encourage an adult to sustain his recovery from addiction

New Creation House Ministries, Inc. is another Bible-based nonprofit. It manages four safe sober houses in New London for men as soon as they leave a couple of months of rehabilitation for substance abuse.  

To sustain their recovery residents agree to attend Bible study four nights a week, one of which is the Work&Learn course described above. Two additional Bible trainings are optional each week.

Two goals are that each resident know the Lord and have a job. Both support recovery.

A new church connection is highly desirable for most of the men. It could be yours. Churches are encouraged to match up with an individual, invite him to their church, and perhaps support the moderate cost of rent for the first two to three weeks until the resident gets a job.

The houses have a 5-star rating from the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR).

Tax deductible donations may be sent to New Creation House Ministries, Inc., 13 Hillside Drive, Gales Ferry, CT 06335. For more information, call 401-261-7906. 

  • kids for adoption

Through Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, professional recruiters find the best home for a child through familiar circles of family, friends and neighbors and then reach out to the communities where they live. They move America’s longest waiting children from foster care into adoptive forever families. Two-thirds are older than 8 and half have been in foster care more than four years. See Wendy’s Wonderful Kids at

  • become trained to stop human trafficking in our county

Most of us are not aware that New London County is an easy place for human trafficking, a cause of slavery. Matthew Miller from Love146 international headquarters in New Haven will teach training classes at Norwich Alliance Church aimed at prevention. 

Eight one-hour classes in Year 1 will be Pray, Learn, Grow, Give, starting with education and prayer on the impact of trafficking. The second phase will be more intensive and go into hotels and teach housekeepers to report suspected instances to authorities. There is also a third phase. For more information, go to and contact Pastor Chuck Tyree at

[i] Pastors across all denominations come together monthly in CT CityServe meetings to collaborate in servant ministry. 

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