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#1 Introduction

Class #1 – Introduction


Each Participant becomes motivated to take the training classes.

Participants and Volunteers become comfortable getting to know each other.


Each Participant understands the commitment he or she is making and continues to attend. Volunteers gather information from each Participant.


Participants, Pastors, Instructors, Mentors, Job Advisors, Service Agencies, Employers, Volunteers and Graduates.


Class Leader.


Attendees are seated at tables in groups of five or six.

Opening Prayer


Introductions (20 min.)

Everyone is introduced within the group and says why they are here and what they would like to achieve.

What’s Ahead (15 min.)

Moderator describes Work&Learn, what Participants will gain and what will be expected of them. The program is based on teamwork. Each Participant needs to help take responsibility for the class. For each class, one Participant might be responsible for getting background information on the Instructor, making sure the class starts ON TIME, introducing the Instructor, and making sure everyone present signs the Attendance Sheet.  

Textbooks and Topics (20 min.)

Explain why the foundation for the classes will be the Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV), and What Color is Your Parachute?, A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers, 2012, Richard N. Bolles. Mention each of the topics for future classes and why each is important to the Job-Searcher.

Contact Info

(15 min.)

Each Participant fills out the Information for Resume form, assisted by a Mentor or Job Advisor. Other attendees initial or fill in the Attendance form.


Describe the Participant Agreement. Encourage Participants to sign. (optional)


A Pastor describes the Bible, explains its importance and hands out copies.

What Am I Proud Of? (25 min.)

Each Participant fills out this worksheet (next page) and describes to the small group something they are proud of, as outlined below (One of My Life Stories).

Assignment for 2nd Class

Who Am I?

  1. Before class, read the five Bible passages and write answers to the questions on page 8.
  2. Fill out another What Am I Proud Of? Worksheet and bring it to class.
  3. Fill out Skills I Have Used, a three page checklist and bring it to class.

Closing Prayer


One of My Life Stories. On the next page, describe, not my whole life story, but just one of the following:

  1. 1.      A job I completed that took a lot of work.
  2. 2.      A new skill I learned or something I studied
  3. 3.      Something I learned that I’m proud of
  4. 4.      A habit I succeeded in overcoming
  5. 5.      A family tradition we have that I’m proud of
  6. 6.      Something I did that was very caring for someone
  7. 7.      A positive influence I had on a younger person
A decision I made that required a lot of thought or prayer


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