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Volunteers helping the unemployed transform their lives!

Church Partnership

To be most effective in fulfilling the Great Commission, churches are able to collaborate in providing training, mentoring, tutoring, and employment assistance.

These services are offered by each church to any of its own members who are unemployed or underemployed. They are also an important outreach to the unreached.

A core activity of the collaboration is a 13-week series of classes held in one of the churches that is experienced in Employment Ministry and also in a location that can be reached by the unemployed.

Work&Learn, Inc. organizes the classes and provides the curriculum, documented in a 100-page Course Workbook. Much of the Workbook is available on this website under the tabs Classes 1-6 and Classes 7-12.

The course integrates Biblical topics and Employability Skills topics. Bible topics are taught by a different pastor each week, using the Course Workbook as a guide. Each teaching is followed by small group discussions led by the mentors. Employability Skills topics are taught by volunteer human resource professionals.

Collaborative Ministries make presentations in the classes and describe opportunities to serve and bring the gospel to their clients. 

Working together in collaboration, churches and ministries are achieving results that could not be produced independently.

God is glorified!

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