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Board of Trustees

Fernando Castillo is a minister at St. John's Christian Church in Groton, CT and Dock Crew Technician at Electric Boat. He's a graduate of the Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute. He is chair of the Planning Team for the CityServe eCT network of churches. 

Daniel Dyer is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School. He was a purchasing manager for Westinghouse and sold process control systems and computers for IBM. He was founder and CEO for 14 years of STSC, Inc., world leader in interactive computer services based on the APL programming language. He was chair of the board of governors of Opportunity International, provider of microfinance services to twelve million poor in developing countries. He was co-founder and president of Jobs Partnership Greater Washington and more recently co-founder and secretary/treasurer of Work & Learn, Inc. He is a member of the Planning Team of CityServe eCT. 

John J. Ely attended Multnomah School of The Bible, ‘84 – ‘87. He retired from the US Navy in 2001. He is a production planner for Electric Boat at the Naval Submarine Support Facility in Groton, CT. Previously, he served as CT Department of Corrections Chaplain Services Volunteer and Sex Offender Supervisor. He is an active member of Thames River Church, New London, CT.

Pastor Alvaro Garcia grew up in Texas and was educated in Florida. He is pastor of Merciful Redemption Church, Groton, CT, and its Global Missions Center and Training Facility and leads international missions. 

Executive Officers

President/Chairperson --- Pastor Alvaro Garcia

Vice President --- John J. Ely

Secretary/Treasurer --- Daniel Dyer



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