Work and Learn Inc.

Volunteers helping the unemployed transform their lives!

What Does an Unemployed Person Need?

  • Prayer.
  • Mentoring and training in the Biblical principles and spiritual attributes essential for success in life and employment.
  • Mentoring and training in career-changing, job-hunting and job success soft skills that one needs throughout a lifetime.
  • Participation in an employment support group (classmates, mentors, job advisors and pastors).
  • A steady stream of communication from the support group.
  • A match with a mentor.
  • A continuing walk of discipleship.
  • Wise counsel.
  • Accountability to a caring friend.
  • Connection with a network of Christians.
  • A welcome into a local church.
  • Literacy or GED tutoring.
  • Networking with employers.
  • On-the-job skills training.
  • Encouragement to grow into the man or woman God wants him or her to be.
  • Preparation to live as a productive and contributing member of society.
  • A consistent ministry where each is developing their mind, body, social skills, and spirit to be able to contribute to family and community. (Luke 2:52)

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