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Employment Ministry

The Framework for Employment Ministry

Who Are the Unemployed?

The unemployed and underemployed are found in the church pew and in the church’s outreach, in homeless shelters, sobriety and halfway houses, prison, and among veterans and ex-offenders.

What Do the Unemployed Need?

Often, an unemployed person needs a match with a mentor, training, tutoring, a support group, discipleship, a welcome into a local church, networking, employment and much more.

For more about needs, see What Does an Unemployed Person Need?

How Do We Organize to Meet These Needs?

Meeting these needs can be overwhelming for an individual, a church, a nonprofit or an agency. To meet them, we have an Employment Ministry within the church, a Church Partnership, and a Mentoring Team for each Participant.

See The Role of the Pastor and click on each of the links above to find out more.

Also, watch this 8-minute video explaining the employment ministry partnership.


How do we measure outcomes?

By the number of graduates who have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and are successfully employed.

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