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Volunteers helping the unemployed transform their lives!

Mission Statement

Work & Learn, Inc.

Mission Statement

We help men and women develop their mind, body, social skills, and spirit, to be able to contribute to their families and community.

 We measure whether each is:

(1) learning marketable skills,

(2) pursuing good health, free of addiction,

(3) employed,

(4) supporting family, and

(5) attending church.

 We’re volunteers who recruit, instruct, mentor, train, give job advice and employment referrals, walk alongside, and enjoy lasting friendships with participants.

 We partner with churches, ministries, employers, and service agencies.

 We meet regularly to help with spiritual strengthening, career-changing and job-hunting.

 Work & Learn, Inc. is a Bible-based, 100% volunteer-based, interdenominational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

 If you would like to receive help or volunteer, please leave a voicemail at 860-501-9675, visit and join or e-mail

[i] Luke 2:52


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