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What Am I Proud Of?

One of My Life Stories.

On the page below, describe, not my whole life story, but just one of the following:

1.      A job I completed that took a lot of work.

2.      A new skill I learned or something I studied

3.      Something I learned that I’m proud of

4.      A habit I succeeded in overcoming

5.      A family tradition we have that I’m proud of

6.      Something I did that was very caring for someone

7.      A positive influence I had on a younger person

8.      A decision I made that required a lot of thought or prayer


What Am I Proud Of?       Name___________________

1.    My Goal. What I wanted to accomplish




2.    The Obstacle. What I had to overcome




3.   My Actions. What I Did, step by step.









4.    The Outcome. What happened because of my actions.




5.   The Results. Any Measures of my accomplishment.





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