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15 Mentors and Coaches Train as the Support Team for Work&Learn Course #21

The Mentor and Support Team for Work&Learn’s 21st Course met for in-depth training July 7, 2018, at St. John’s Christian Church in Groton.

The Course itself will start August 14, 2018 and meet 6 pm Tuesday nights at Huntington Street Baptist Church in New London. Graduation, open the public, will be November 13, 2018.

Pastor Al Garcia presented the results desired for each Participant to know more about God and to realize his or her career potential. He highlighted the contents of the 35-page Mentor and Volunteer Guidelines booklet.

Each week Mentors will review with Participants the steps they are taking in their Personal Development Plan.

Expert coaches explained the one-on-one coaching sessions they will have with Participants on Important Money Matters, Career Assessment, Resumes, Doing Job Search and Application on the Internet, Job Placement, and Spiritual Counseling.

Mentors have started to match with Participants before the course begins. Additional volunteers are needed to help Participants with transportation, serve sandwiches before each class, conduct practice interviews and employ the Graduates.

Several openings for the Course still exist. Call 860-501-9675 or Email

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