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A Christian-based Alternative to Incarceration and Drug Rehabilitation

Efforts are underway, centered in New London, CT, to apply the Word of God to address issues of homelessness, drug addiction, incarceration and unemployment. Diverse Bible-based ministries are collaborating to expand their rate of success in transforming the lives of the people they serve. The collaboration also expands the options available to volunteers called to support the efforts in ways that make the best use of their individual talents and interests.

Jesus prayed that his followers would be one. So unity in purpose comes naturally to believers cooperating to meet the holistic needs of others who may not otherwise experience the hand of God in their lives. 

A few examples can best illustrate what’s underway. 

New Creation House Ministries, Inc. manages several Christian-based “sober houses” in New London in which men in recovery from addiction learn the Word of God, find work, develop skills, and are among people who show Christian love, in order to prevent relapse. Residents are expected to work or find work during the day. Four nights a week they attend Bible study conducted by pastors supported by their respective churches.

Work&Learn, Inc., a Bible-based nonprofit run entirely by volunteers, mentors and teaches Biblical Principles and Career Skills to enable unemployed and underemployed men and women take up new careers and to find and succeed in jobs in those careers.

Since New Creation has residents who need the work and spiritual strengthening taught in Work&Learn’s courses, collaboration between these two ministries multiplies the impact either could achieve on its own. Some of the pastors who teach at Work&Learn also teach at New Creation.

Another example is the extensive support given by churches in the region to provide volunteer kettle bell ringers for the Salvation Army outside major stores during the Christmas season. How else could the Salvation Army get a former bank president to pitch in for a couple of hours doing this? He probably also pitched in more than his time. And that didn’t jingle like his bell.

Faith2Faith ministries played a key role organizing meetings to let the churches know that the Salvation Army just did not have the funds this year to make minimum wage payments to a sufficient number of bell ringers and also needed help from other churches to provide Christmas dinners to 500 needy people.

Faith2Faith gathers a core group of about a dozen pastors once a month to explore additional options to combine efforts supporting other service ministries. One of these is LifeFAQs. Pastors can recommend to Faith2Faith individuals they back with 100% confidence to go into New London High School for LifeFAQs three hours a week to coach one of the 45 students who are failing two or more subjects. 

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