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How Do People Become Christians?

How Do People Become Christians?

A book called Breaking the Huddle[1] describes “how [many] people journey toward Jesus naturally”.

They cross “thresholds” passing through several phases.

  1. To know and trust a…

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Work&Learn Graduation #22 celebrated by 67 attendees on June 4, 2019

67 people attended Work&Learn Graduation #22 on June 4, 2019.

The celebration was at Huntington Street Baptist Church, New London, CT.

The Teen Challenge Choir from New Haven performed and gave testimony.

New London Mayor Michael Passero attended and honored the…


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15 Mentors and Coaches Train as the Support Team for Work&Learn Course #21

The Mentor and Support Team for Work&Learn’s 21st Course met for in-depth training July 7, 2018, at St. John’s Christian Church in Groton.

The Course itself will start August 14, 2018 and meet 6 pm Tuesday nights at Huntington Street Baptist Church in New London. Graduation, open the public, will be November 13, 2018.

Pastor Al Garcia presented the results desired for each Participant to know more about God and to realize his or her career potential. He…


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A Christian-based Alternative to Incarceration and Drug Rehabilitation

Efforts are underway, centered in New London, CT, to apply the Word of God to address issues of homelessness, drug addiction, incarceration and unemployment. Diverse Bible-based ministries are collaborating to expand their rate of success in transforming the lives of the people they serve. The collaboration also expands the options available to volunteers called to support the efforts in ways that make the best use of their individual talents and interests.

Jesus prayed that his…


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What are volunteers doing at Work&Learn?

  1. Mike is a participant taking the course to learn the Bible and career skills to get a job.
  2. Brenda is a graduate taking a class in Word offered to graduates to improve their computer skills.
  3. Dave is a mentor leading small discussion groups and encouraging participants in the steps they need to take.
  4. Eddie is on the support team setting up the classroom and helping out. Betty records attendance, hands out materials and monitors…

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Research Indicates that Religion Reduces Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Can Faith Rewire an Addict's Brain?

New evidence shows that 'God consciousness' can keep young people off drugs and alcohol.

By Byron Johnson and Maria Pagano , Wall St. Journal, March 27, 2014

Young people who regularly attend religious services and describe themselves as religious are less likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs, a growing body of research shows. Why? It could be religious instruction, support from congregations, or conviction that…


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Why should I join this Work&Learn website?

Why should I join this Work&Learn website? To learn what volunteers are doing to help unemployed adults get jobs they like and to experience the hand of God in their lives.

Why do we members gather online? To share ideas and actions and receive notices of new classes and events.

As members who contribute content to the website, what do we get out of participation? Combining our efforts gives us greater impact.

As members…


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Testimonies by Participants

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had to look for a job and this will better prepare me.”

I like how all mentors are encouraging & non-judgmental.”

The class was awesome.”

“Teaching me how to present myself for a better job.”

“Can this be longer?”

The combination of Biblical teaching & life skills complement each other.”

I liked listening to peoples’ input on everyone’s career…


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