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Why should I join this Work&Learn website?

Why should I join this Work&Learn website? To learn what volunteers are doing to help unemployed adults get jobs they like and to experience the hand of God in their lives.

Why do we members gather online? To share ideas and actions and receive notices of new classes and events.

As members who contribute content to the website, what do we get out of participation? Combining our efforts gives us greater impact.

As members who view the website, what do we take away? We receive notices of future Work&Learn events and learn how to volunteer to help people in their lives and with employment.

What are the goals for the Work&Learn website? To enroll, mentor and train more people in Work&Learn classes so they can change careers, get employed, and support their families, churches, and communities.

What are your personal goals for joining the Work&Learn online community? _ _ _ _ _ _Add these to your profile if you wish.

What are some of the things you can do to help participants?

  • Recommend the course to anyone who is unemployed or underemployed. Call 860-501-9675.
  • Attend one of the classes to become more familiar with Work&Learn.
  • Post this brochure in your church or library. Take copies to a sober house, halfway house, homeless shelter, soup kitchen or other service agency.
  • Volunteer in one of the classes as a mentor or job advisor or doing a practice interview for a participant.
  • Send an invitation to a friend to join this website (community) or to volunteer with you.
  • Attend the next Work&Learn graduation to hear two-minute testimonies by the graduates.
  • Recommend a graduate to an employer who will benefit by hiring a Work&Learn graduate.


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